Oven, Cooker and Grill Liner 33x50cm

Oven, Cooker and Grill Liner 33x50cm

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Oven, Cooker and Grill Liner 33x50cm | BBQ Grill Mat

With the ideal Oven, Cooker & Grill Liner you can cook anything you want right in your Oven or perhaps on your BBQ or griddle.

The powerful Non-stick surface ensures that you do not have to grease the tin or liner before use.

Anything you cook on the liner will lift out with ease, ensuring you will never experience the upsetting moment the bottom halves remain stuck, when lifting your BBQ!

  • Light brown BBQ Grill Mat/Oven Liner
  • Made of safe, good & enduring material
  • High heat resistance andNon-stick surface
  • Suitable for most sizes of standard ovens, cookers & grills
  • Reusable - Easy to clean & Easy to use

Dimensions and Weight
Size: 33x50cm
Weight: 54g

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