Dinosaur Figures 6pc 2 Assorted Bags

Dinosaur Figures 6pc 2 Assorted Bags

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Dinosaur Figures 6pc 2 Assorted Bags

It is not necessary to be living in the Mesozoic Age to enjoy this wonderful pack of 6 dinosaur set.

These Big and Brave Dinosaur Figures will make the kids excited and curious as they often appear on books, movies, posters and more. Give this interesting gift for your kids and let their wild imagination create the ability of going back into the prehistoric times.

With this Jurassic Era Dinosaurs 6pc play-set, you can learn about the brilliant reptiles of the Mesozoic Age without having to travel back in time!

These plastic Dinosaurs are crafted from durable plastic, they are sturdy with an ergonomic design, perfect for toddler hands.

  • Set of 6 assorted Dinosaur Figures with 2 assorted bags
  • High quality plastic material with moderate hardness helps the product stand firmly on a flat surface.
  • Variety of vivid and shapes and lifelike colours
  • Ergonomic design ensures a perfect fit for the childrenƒ??s grip.
  • Easily decorate and increase the liveliness and fun for your home space by placing these figures in potted plants or other regions.

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