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Elegant Man Black Eau De Toilette | 100ml

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Embark on an Olfactory Journey with Elegant Man Black Perfume | 100ML

Indulge in the allure of "Elegant Man Black Perfume," a meticulously crafted fragrance designed for the modern gentleman. Elevate your grooming experience with this 100ML masterpiece that encapsulates sophistication and timeless charm.

Captivating Top Notes: A Fresh Prelude

At first spritz, experience the invigorating freshness of bergamot and citrus, setting the stage for the mesmerizing journey that lies ahead.

Heart of Distinction: A Symphony of Woods and Spices

As the fragrance evolves, delve into a heart of exotic spices and aromatic woods, where black pepper and lavender seamlessly entwine with vetiver and cedarwood, creating a composition of depth and complexity.

Sensual Base Notes: A Lasting Trail of Charisma

The base notes linger, leaving an indelible impression of strength and sophistication. Sensual musk and velvety vanilla create a lasting trail, enveloping you in an aura of irresistible charisma.

Luxurious Design: Where Minimalism Meets Boldness

The sleek 100ML bottle reflects the commitment to luxury and quality. A minimalist yet bold design, mirroring the character of the fragrance within—timeless, sophisticated, and effortlessly alluring.


Top Notes: Citrus Zephyr, Bergamot Breeze
Middle Notes: Spiced Elegance, Lavender Fusion
Base Notes: Musk Embrace, Vanilla Noir


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Important Notice: Alcohol Content
The Product Contains Alcohol.

    Elegant Man Black Eau De Toilette | 100ml