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Hair Brush Square Cushion 23cm

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Hair Brush Square Cushion 23cm

The Straightening Square Cushion Hair Brush features an Ideal compact and convenient, ergonomic design which is suitable for all hair types.

The sparse bristle design is suitable for those with either thin or thick hair, as the design is evenly distributed to suit different hair types as well as allowing you to comb your hair more easily and consistently.

The smooth, plastic brush tips are also perfect for users with sensitive scalps as they are designed for comfort and ease of use.

  • Ideal for salon style hairstyles.
  • Soft, flexible and durable PP material.
  • Rolling head with handy hook - can hang brush after usage
  • Create your own special hairstyles with this comb made for straightening
  • This material ensures safety - Does not cause hair loss or scalp pain when used.


Dimensions and Weight
Size: 23cm
Weight: 72g

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