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Jumbo Wooden Spoon 35cm

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Jumbo Wooden Spoon 35cm 

Constructed from durable & natural wood alongside a soft yet sturdy edge, the Jumbo sized 35cm Wooden Spoon can be safely used with your Non-stick cookware without damaging the surfaces, helping you keep your equipment in superb condition.

The Jumbo Wooden Spoon can be used for various reasons whilst cooking such as everything from stir-frying to baking, making it the essential tool for any commercial or domestic kitchen.

Reliable, durable and robust, the spoon is designed to withstand the extreme conditions of any busy kitchen, guaranteeing excellent results every time.


  • Constructed from natural, safe and healthy wood
  • Durable and environmentally friendly
  • Attractive, premium design
  • Ergonomic handle 


Dimensions and Weight
Size: 35.5 x 7.5cm | Handle is 24.5cm x 1.3mm
Weight: 54g 


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