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Malik Aldhahab Eau De Parfum | 100ml

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Inspired by Uomo


Embark on Regal Luxury with Malik Aldhahab Eau De Parfum

Step into a regal odyssey as Malik Aldhahab Eau De Parfum takes you beyond the ordinary, encapsulating the essence of timeless sophistication in a 100ml bottle. This fragrance is more than a mere scent; it cradles an aromatic symphony, a masterpiece tailored for kings. The initial spritz reveals a magnetic fusion of exotic spices—an entrance as bold and commanding as the gateway to a royal palace. Malik Aldhahab isn't just a fragrance; it's an announcement, a proclamation of inherent majesty demanding attention.

A Tale of Strength and Resilience

As the fragrance evolves, heart notes weave a rich tapestry of rare woods and leather—a narrative of strength and resilience. This isn't just a composition; it's a story, unfolding with each passing moment, leaving an indelible mark on the senses.

Opulent Legacy and Captivating Allure

In the grand finale, base notes of amber and musk create a lingering trail—an opulent legacy that follows you wherever you go. Malik Aldhahab Eau De Parfum is more than a purchase; it's an investment in the art of scent, a commitment to carrying an aura of regality. Order now and let the captivating allure of Malik Aldhahab become your signature—a scented sceptre in the kingdom of extraordinary fragrances. Because you deserve more than just a perfume; you deserve an experience that crowns you with the essence of royalty.


Top Notes: Citral, Evernia Furfuracea extract (oakmoss).
Middle Notes: Amyl Cinnamal, Cinnamyl Alcohol, Benzylo Salicylate, Citronellol.
Base Notes: Benzyl Alcohol, Isoeugenol.


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    Malik Aldhahab Eau De Parfum | 100ml