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Ana Ghair Eau De Parfum | 100ml

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Inspired By: Floral Oriental

Ana Ghair: A Symphony of Opulence and Sensory Journey

Step into unparalleled opulence with Ana Ghair—a fragrance transcending mere scent into the sublime. This elixir, more than a perfume, is an olfactory masterpiece, inviting you on a sensory journey like no other.

Exotic Allure and Contrasts: Picture the exotic allure of slightly oriental oud, entwined with the tender embrace of large-flowered roses—a dance of contrasts defying fragrance norms. It's not just a combination; it's a collision of elegance and intensity, leaving you breathless.

Mystique Unveiled: As the fragrance delves into the depths, the mystique of oud essential oil unfolds like a captivating mystery, shrouding you in an aura of enigma and sophistication. It's not just a scent; it's a revelation, a secret whispered by the ancients and bottled for those embracing the extraordinary.

Dynamic Duos and Harmonious Crescendo: Enter floral salt and herbaceous patchouli, a dynamic duo weaving a tapestry of green tones, highlighting the coolness of vetiver in a harmonious crescendo. It's not just a composition; it's a sensory symphony playing on the strings of your imagination.

Luxurious Embrace and Sensual Finale: Just when you think the journey has reached its zenith, a pleasantly placed leather emerges, melting into warm animal notes that wrap around you like a luxurious embrace. The finale? A honeyed whiff of sensual amber, leaving an indelible imprint and marking the completion of an olfactory masterpiece.

Top Notes: Slightly Oriental Oud, Large-flowered Roses
Middle Notes: Oud Essential Oil, Floral Salt, Herbaceous Patchouli, Vetiver
Base Notes: Pleasantly Placed Leather, Warm Animal Notes, Sensual Amber

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    Ana Ghair Eau De Parfum | 100ml