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Vanilla Intense Eau De Parfum | 100ml

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Inspired By: Tobacco Vanille

Introducing Vanilla Intense Eau De Parfum, where sophistication intertwines with indulgence to create an unforgettable olfactory journey. Immerse yourself in the opulent embrace of this luxurious fragrance, a captivating symphony that enchants the senses and leaves an enduring mark.

Embark on a sensory adventure with each spritz, as the tantalizing top notes of Vanilla Bean, Bergamot Zest, and Sweet Mandarin awaken the palate and ignite the soul. Journey deeper into the heart of the scent, where a harmonious blend of Jasmine Petals, Warm Caramel, and Spiced Orchid creates an intoxicating bouquet that delicately caresses the skin.

As the fragrance settles, experience the velvety embrace of the base notes: Sandalwood Essence, Musk Accord, and Madagascar Vanilla Pods. Each note leaves a lasting impression, infusing your aura with warmth and allure. With its infusion of vanilla warmth, Vanilla Intense Eau De Parfum is a testament to elegance and allure, perfect for those who seek sophistication with a hint of indulgence.

Elevate your presence and indulge your senses with Vanilla Intense Eau De Parfum. Let each spray embody the essence of luxury, allowing your fragrance to speak volumes without uttering a word.

Top Notes: Vanilla Bean, Bergamot Zest, Sweet Mandarin
Middle Notes: Jasmine Petals, Warm Caramel, Spiced Orchid
Base Notes: Sandalwood Essence, Musk Accord, Madagascar Vanilla Pods

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    Vanilla Intense Eau De Parfum | 100ml